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Got a question? Speak!

Email or call us at 1-308-682-5210 to get your printing or design questions answered.

We will respond to emails within 1 business day and will help you find the most cost effective solution for your printing needs.


I obtained a formal quote. How long is it good for?
Quotes are honored for 30 calendar days.

How long does it take to complete my order?
There really isn't a short answer to this question. Some jobs can be produced in minutes and some jobs may take days. Let us know when you need your job completed and we'll let you know if it can be done. We go to great lengths to meet your most stringent demands.

What is a "proof"?
Proofs are mandatory and the first proof is included in the base price. A proof is a way of ensuring that we have set your type accurately and that everything is positioned according to your requirements. Typically, we will produce a proof that will be sent to you via email, postal mail, printed to view in our store, or faxed directly to your office.

Do I still need to approve a proof if I provide my work on disk or email an electronic file?
It may seem like a proof wouldn't be needed in this case, but it really is. Output devices process digital information using a variety of processing languages. Your approval of the proof, which we will provide, assures that the output device used has correctly interpreted and processed the information you have provided.

Once I've reviewed my proof, what next?
A written approval or explanation of alterations/changes needs to be emailed or faxed and then return your proof to us.

If there are changes:
In addition to the written explanation of alterations/changes, mark them -- make it obvious what is to be altered or fixed and return your proof as soon as possible to avoid production delays. State if you will require an additional proof, or if we should check changes here.

If I provide a printout from my own printer, will you match it?
No, due to the wide variances in output devices, including inkjet and laser printers (which are generally RGB based). Even previously printed pieces produced from another file or another commercial printer can vary. Using standard densities, we reach an overall pleasing color using supplied hard copy only as a guide. We suggest that you receive a proof we've generated from your file off of one of our color calibrated proofing devices for the closest comparison to end results. However, keep in mind that paper finishes and hues can have an effect on color that our proof cannot simulate.

See our Design Center for file requirements.