The Country Printer

Located In Rural Dix, NE

Since 1971, The Country Printer has been delivering printed materials throughout the United States. Located in a new building in rural Dix, Nebraska since 1992, The Country Printer utilizes the most modern technology and attention to detail to provide an unparalleled experience within the printed materials industry. From your initial call to the completed product, you will appreciate the care we put into every job. We are passionate about printing, and it shows in every project that goes out the door.

“From corporations to county fairs, your printing service needs are in good hands with The Country Printer”

All Your Printing Needs

The Country Printer is proud to work with businesses of all sizes, Churches, nonprofit organizations, as well as the medical community. 

We work hand in hand with you to create special forms, newsletters, bulletins, envelopes, banners and much more. Our volume allows us to offer competitive pricing and free shipping of your orders. It is our pleasure to serve your printed material needs.

About The Owner

Humble Beginnings

Roger Brothers, Owner of The Country Printer, recalls his humble beginnings as a “Printer Devil” at Western Nebraska Observer in 1968. Fresh out of high school and looking for a job, Roger took interest in the printing industry. 

His journey took him through trade school at the Ambassador School of Lithography in 1970. Roger discovered his passion and by 1976, he found himself holding his children while printing in the basement of his home in rural Dix, Nebraska.

"Our printing services include much more than high quality prints. They include a trusted relationship that out customers can count on."​

Present Day

Fast forward to the present day, The Country Printer can be seen providing high quality printed material to clients across the nation. Roger and DiAnna Brothers, and their team, look forward to providing your business with the best in printing services while delivering the highest level of customer service.